Manufacturers & Distributors

Supply Chain Challenges in the Publishing Industry

The Manufacturers & Distributors supply chain is set to become a major way for companies in this industry to innovate and capitalize on cost-saving opportunities, as the industry moves from a push to a pull model. Web-based retailing and digital formats are gaining momentum, and profitability is dependent on efficient operations, supply chain transportation management, and customized pool distribution.

As sales and distribution operations account for 30 percent or more of the net sales in the industry, the publishing supply chain is a place to gain competitive advantage.

Distribution Services and Solutions for the Publishing Industry

Flax Freight Logistics offers publishing companies customizable distribution services, for either small companies serving a niche or local market, or larger publishers with multiple markets on a large or nation-wide scale.

These services include a nation-wide pool distribution network, direct-to-store delivery, final mile delivery, DC bypass and reverse logistics for publishers, distributors and retailers of books, magazines, newspapers and directories.

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